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The Revamp Company does not take any short cuts when it comes to vetting potential candidates. All Candidates go through a thorough interview process:
  • A pre-screening phone interview with a Revamp Company Recruiter, and then only the best are invited in for…
  • A second interview which can be held in-person or via video. Typically, video interviews are used when in-person interviews are logistically not possible, such as when a candidate currently lives out-of-state.
  • References - Our team calls employment references to check that they are positive and pertain to the candidate’s resume. We ensure a mix of references, one of which must be in a supervisory or managerial position.
  • Testing and Paperwork – Applicants also fill out a general application and a supplemental questionnaire. They receive written information on The Revamp Company placement policies, expectations, and sign a confidentiality agreement. Candidates also complete a variety skills and personality testing (relevant tests such as MS Office, accounting, typing, etc.).
While we do not screen every candidate, we do have the capability to complete these tests at the client's request.
Yes, The Revamp Company offers non-binding agreements.
Fill out the form provided above or email us at support@revampemployment.com and one of our team members will work to fulfill your staffing needs.
Yes, while most of our candidates will be within our service areas, we have access to a network of candidates all over the U.S.